UX Design
November 2, 2021

Inspiring knowledge sharing platform

“Spotlight” is a knowledge sharing platform designed for the Dutch Police. It is mostly for internal use and creates an easier and more inspiring way of exchange of information, tracking of projects and cases in order to create a more linear and unified approach to innovation.

My role:
UX Design, Research & Strategy, Concept Development
Master Digital Design
Dutch Police
Final Deliverable of the project
Hi-fi prototype of the knowledge sharing platform for the police.
The problem

The Dutch Police is a very innovative organization - constantly looking for ways and tools to improve their skills, their work and thereby creates a safer society. However, being such a large organization can present problems in knowledge sharing and project managing. The police found out that departments in different cities are not aware of each other’s work. Sometimes this results in double work and thus slower innovation.

High Fidelity prototype of the deliverable
Reworking the style guide.
The solution

We designed “Spotlight” from the perspective of the project managers of the police. This platform will show an overview of all the innovative projects within the police. Moreover, one could read about a project in details, in terms who was the team, what was the budget, what were the results and what were the interesting insights. Furthermore, we create a profile page where a project manager would be able to post what they are working on, what is in progress and what will they do in the future. Our end-deliverables were a hi-fi prototype and a booklet. We created this booklet in order to further share the information of this project and why it exists with the rest of the police force. The booklet included also an onboarding process for new users.

High Fidelity prototype of the deliverable
Hi-fi wireframes of the prototype.
Different color pallets. Different Color Palette. 
Different font Examples. Template examples of a report.Template examples of  a report.Template Examples of a report.
Examples of the prototypeExamples of prototypeExamples from the prototype